Fluttering by with my Best Wishes.

Hi there! This months theme for The Designer Crafts Connection is "Wishes".
At first I was completely 'stumped' as what to create for you. I figured everyone would go with Birthday Wishes or Faerie Wishes...and I wanted to try something different.
 I hope you like this!

Materials used:
Glossy photo paper
Zig glue pen.
Assorted distress inks and daubers.
Water mister, 1 dry paint brush with stiff bristles and 1 soft bristle paint brush.
Paper towels, a craft mat, tape and baby wipes.
Stencils (Mariposas and Butterfly Meadow) from The Crafters Workshop 
Super fine glitter, gold leaf pen and a stamped sentiment.

Step 1.- Place your photo card shiny side up and begin by applying the distress ink colors with a dauber or make up sponge.
Step 2. - Add other colors, try not to make it 'muddy' but still cover up as much white as possible.
Step 3. - Lightly spray your inked card with water.
Step 4. - With the stiff bristles of the paint brush, 'jab' the colors. Does that make sense? You don't want to use strokes, but more as a crunch down method with the stiff dry bristles. If your card starts to dry up before you have had a chance to finish, mist with some more water or the blending process won't work.
Step 5. When you are pleased with the color blending, turn your card over onto the paper towels and gently pat to rid of the excess moisture.
* The ink will be very sticky to touch, almost too sticky, so set the card aside to air for about 10 minutes.*
 Step 6. When the card is not as sticky as it was before, place your stencil onto the card and secure to the paper towels with tape.
Step 7. Using your daubers and multiple distress inks, dab (not rub) into the cutouts of the stencil until you have achieved the desired color combination.
Step 8. With the stencil still taped firmly in place, wipe the plastic gently with a baby wipe to remove excess ink.
Step 9. - Fill in the stencil design with the glue pen. Don't worry if you get any on your stencil. It's comes off easily with a wipe later.
Step 10. - Use the other soft dry paintbrush to apply the fine glitter to the designs, making sure to get the glitter into the smallest of crevices.
Take a minute or two to clean your brushes, then carefully remove the tape and remove the stencil.
From here you can add more inked designs, tint the edges with a gold leaf pen, and a stamped sentiment. I was even able to add some gold leaf spatters onto the card using a rubber suction bulb like syringe. The blast of air onto the pen gave the card just enough of a 'air brushed' look.
When finished, leave the card alone for 30 minutes to one hour to fully cure and have no more stickiness.

Thanks for comings by, I hope you liked this tutorial and are inspired to try it for your self.
 If you do...I'd love to see your creation, maybe even share it here on my blog. :)
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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card! Looks like we both had butterfly wishes on the brain. "Wishing" you a wonderful day!

-Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Anonymous said...

Oooh... this looks like so much fun - playing with all those different techniques! I especially love those glittery butterflies! Fabulous, Michelle!

Terry Ricioli Designs said...

Beautiful card and I love your tutorial. It makes it look so easy!

Cindi McGee said...

Very pretty card and I love the background technique - thanks for sharing!


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