May 8, 2013

Leslie Rahye's - Steampunk Inspired Transportation Blog Hop

Welcome to another SteamPunk blog hop hosted by Leslie Rahye!
This months theme is transportation. So I made this card and tutorial for your SteamPunk enjoyment!
To get started, you will need white card stock and desired colored cardstock, each cut to:
6 1/2" x 5", 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" and 2" x 2 1/2".
Then using your paper trimmer, cut off a sliver off all sides of the white cardstock.
Using a tiny dab of glue, layer the white cardstock as shown below, this will hold the cardstock in place so you can create. :)
Lightly ink your layered cardstock with yellow, orange and brown inks.
I placed a gears template from Crafters Workshop and secured it in place with tape.
Then I went over the gears with shades of darker brown inks.
With the template still in place, I used a syringe bulb to blow some color from a Red Shimmer Krylon pen onto the card.
Then I flicked some champagne mist shimmer paint onto everything with a stiff dry brush.
I let it all set for about 10 minutes before carefully removing the tape and template.
For fun, I added some shimmer paint to the edges of the solid cardstock as well.

Next is the process of layering the card!
Pull apart the 3 layers of decorated white cardstock.
Layer them as shown, making sure the design aligns before gluing in place.
Large color on the bottom - large decorated cardstock on top.
Medium color next,
Medium decorated cardstock on top of that.
Then last small color piece,
And finish with last small decorated cardstock on top!
The clouds were made with a Fiskars punch,  a  dollar bin hot air balloon stamp, Art Tickets by Invoke Arts, and a Clock face stamp by Stamp in the hand Co.
A little bit of scrap paper,a  doodling pen, more glitter and washi tape completed my vision!
What do you think? Are you inspired? I hope so!
Happy blog hopping!


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