January 30, 2013

Mermaid Inspired Classes I have taught

 I have had the honor of being a part of a wonderful event called Seaside Soiree by Charity Wings. for the last 3 years with Elena lai Etcheverry.
 I have been able to work with Amazing known instructors you all know such as,

The theme of the event is always based around Mermaids. 
In December 2012 I taught the above miniature Mermaid Faerie Garden .
 For those of you that missed this class at the event or could not not make it, I will be selling the complete kits in my etsy shop by mid-April and will have 1/2 of the proceeds donated to Charity Wings.  You can go to my shop and sign up for updates or just follow my blog.
 This way you won't miss out when I list them as they will be a limited amount.
Below is a project you might remember from this blog hop sponsored by : Kool Tak.

This was used in my Silent auction item I created for the Seaside Soiree. Inside I made up a Miniature Faerie Garden kit. Lots of bidding went on and at the end someones daughter was very happy I'm sure. :)

In 2011, I taught this wire beaded Mermaid hair comb/tiara and wand.
 My donation piece for the event was quite popular. I put together a "living" miniature Mermaid garden! Here is a little bird bath nestled in some happy oregano.
 I hand crafted the arbor from wire and added the dangling bead. I planted Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and a little bit of Irish moss as filler. I made the glittery crown the Mermaid is wearing, the bird bath and gazing ball. I glittered up the Mermaid and her fish friends.
There was a bidding war on this garden and I think it sold for $65, but I could be wrong.
It was so fun to make!
Below is the a beaded Mermaid Crown I taught at my first year for Seaside. 2010.
 I used chicken wire as a base and let the women run wild with their imagination.
 The class was a huge success.

I've have had so much fun over the past 3 years being a part of seaside Soiree.
I have made such amazing new friendships with the instructors and attendee's, I am blessed.
 I still chat with them from time to time on FB, but really cherish seeing them in person at local events.
While I still love to teach at various events and functions, it is a lot of prep to do, and usually I do it myself. This year I hope to fine tune the "art" of making video demos for all to see. I have a slight issue with the sound of my own voice on video, but I hope to overcome this soon so those of you who visit my blog can learn new techniques!
Thanks for coming by!


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