Odin's carry-all-tote.

 I made this tote for my 4 year old Nephew Odin last Christmas. I knew it needed to be a "carry-all-tote" because Odin is all boy and all too curious about the things he finds on the ground.

The pocket you see in the front of the tote has slots to put pens,pencils, scissors and a stick or two.

 Inside I made four card deck sized pocket slots which I filled with assorted card games. - Old maid, go fish, matching and such....
 As you can see, I make up my totes as I sew. I added a few long pockets on the side to possibly carry a ruler or even more sticks. Who knows? I love my multicolored stitches, zig zags and all.  It reflects my personalty and the fact I like to color outside the lines.
Handles are not my specialty, but I think this one came out fine. I made it a length to which I imagined the tote to be worn over Odin's shoulder, across his body.
Every tote or apron I create is a individual masterpiece. When done, I feel a little sad to give it away because of how much love and imagination I put into them. I almost don't want to let them go. But then I have to remind myself that when I'm making any item, I think about the persons personalty, energy and when I'm done, the item can't be mine because it has their "soul" written all over it.
But never fret. Next month, I hope to list a few of my one-of-a-kind totes and aprons in my etsy shop, so you to can have a piece of me. :)

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