Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emergency Chocolate and Mermaid Atc's

I gave a bar of this to my Friend Teresa for Mothers Day! I like the instructions!
(Click on photo for close up!)
Here is Dyllan with me at a recent trip to the market. I know he's getting a little big to sit up front in the cart, but the specialty kids carts were taken and although I usually let him sit in the big part, I needed my eggs to stay safe. The nice man at the meat counter gave us hats and plenty of stickers!
In our last aisle, I gave Dyllan the note pad to draw on. Here he is re-creating battle scenes from star wars, complete with a sound effects. He can do perfect imitations of R2D2's noises and beeps.
I don't have photo to show of my Mermaid ATC that traded for these because I forgot to take a pic or make a extra one.
Thanks to Cat for stopping by on the last post, I'll send you some flowers soon!

1 comment:

Pam Hoffman said...

Dyllan in the hat reminds me of one of those nice boys you might have seen in a soda shop in days gone by!

Thanks for sharing,

Pam Hoffman


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