May 13, 2014

Easy as 1-2-3 Watering Jug!

Last month, we had a cold water slab leak in our kitchen and the plumbers had to shut off the water line for about 3 days. This also cut off the water to my outside hose and we happened to get a high heat wave the next day!

I tried filling a plastic watering can up by ways of the bathroom sink but it slipped from my hands and busted a small hole when it hit the tile floor. Thus, I had water everywhere.

So I decided to make up my own watering can with a empty milk jug.
I first used a paper piercer to poke holes into the milk jugs cap.
Then I used a ice pick to enlarge the holes.
I flipped the cap and poked the holes again, wiggling the ice pick as I worked to keep the holes big.
Then I filled the jug up with water but not all the way and made a small hole near the neck of the jug with the ice pick.

Now I have a handy watering can  :)

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