May 14, 2014

3-D Cupcake Card

Here's a fun and delightful card I recently made for a friends Birthday.
It really only took less than 15 minutes but the Magic of it will last forever!

 I started with a folded card blank. Any size with do.
I cut some cut some Glittered Lips cardstock and and just tore it to size with my fingers. I flipped it over and used its back side which was a nice distressed red.
Then I used a copy of vintage music and did the same 'tear with my fingers' technique.
I placed a few strips of  washi tape at the bottom. I honestly can't remember where I bought this roll, but if you Google "washi tape with hearts and clouds", I'm', sure you will find some!

The cupcake stamp is by Pink Persimmon.
 I stamped it in black ink and colored it in with alcohol pens.
I carefully trimmed it out and attached it to the card with 3-layers of foam tape.
With a craft knife, I cut off a little bit of a unused birthday candle so it would lay flat on the card.
I coated some coordinating washi tape with adhesive and added to the candle.
 I let it set for a few minutes before adding adhesive to the back of the candle and attaching to the card, tucking the bottom just under the 'top' of the cupcake.
I colored in the tip of the candle with a alcohol pen.

What do you think?


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