Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Haunted" Halloween Charm Swap!

You are invited to my annual Halloween Charm Swap!
This years theme is
What haunts you?
A abandoned house? A spooky looking antique item?
How about those old black and white photographs of sad looking children
or too serious grownups?
Don't they look Haunted?
Maybe you believe in ghost, and have a genuine photo
you've been dying to make something with....
or you've been haunted by the same scary dream...over and over
terrifying you with each sleepless night.
When the fog rolls in, does the beach look haunted?
Have you ever felt something watching you in the darkness?

Whispers or foot steps when no one is near.
Lights flicker, things move by some thing unseen.
Shadow people. A chill in the air....
What haunts you?

This swap is open to 31 Charm makers.

Charms must be durable enough to be worn or displayed. No bigger than 2"
Please make something you'd like to receive.
All media allowed for the charms as long as you adhere to the theme.
Must be at least 2-dimensional and of good quality.
No "cute" charms please.

All 31 charms must be in my hands no later than
October 23rd.
Late packages will be returned to sender.
No exceptions.

International welcome.

If you would like to be included in this charm swap,
Please e-mail me - altered (dash) art (at) hotmail (dot) com
Please include in your e-mail:
Your first & last name, mailing address, and (optional) any blog/etsy link.
I will send you a confirmation with my mailing info and more swap details.

Feel free to use this button on your blog.

Past charm swaps can be seen here....

1. Michelle Cummings
2. Wanda Stivison
3. Tami Roth
4. Victoria Sturdevant
5. Mahala Elliott
6. Dawn Freedain
7. Susan Link
8. Michelle Betaudier


Birgit said...

Is it okay to use the vintage photos for projects?

-- Birgit


I ran across this blog. http://www.mudbayimages.blogspot.com/
Sure has a ghostly feel. I think this is what you were talking about? Hopefully more join in.

Tami Roth said...

Michelle, my charms are making their way to you!
Thank you for hosting this fun swap!


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