It's National Sewing Month!!!

As most of you know, I'm a Fiskateer- #915.
Fiskateers are ambassadors of crafting,
representing Fiskars brands.
It's not a job, it's a lifestyle
and I would not be where I am today
with out the love and creative support of my Fiskateer friends!
This month is National Sewing Month!
So Fiskars is giving away Fiskars tailor Shears and a $50 Walmart card!
Just sew something $15 or less and upload it here
Want a second chance to win?
Make a 2nd piece (totally different) and upload it to the gallery on the Fiskateers site!
Last day to enter (both sites) - September 30th.
The top photo is my before and this one is my after.
Feeling a little jealous that Dyllan
was getting all the cool new back to school stuff,
I created this little monster to hold my art supplies.
(inside the bag~ my sketch pads, watercolor pencils, brushes, inspiration stuff and other tools.
I love how the pens look like fangs.
It was not until I was done that I realized i made the little monster in true
Fiskateer colors...as another friend said,
"It must be in my blood"!
Good luck with the contest!
I hope you win!

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Arrow said...

Totally cute Michelle!


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