Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happiness is....

...being found!
A long time ago in the days of still living at home, before having a cell phone, much less a computer...I was part of a few pen pal groups. I found them in the back of art magazines and in a club called "Lex".
You know the kind where you write a letter by hand, stick it in a envelope and attach a stamp? Snail Mail ring a bell?
Well I started writing this guy named Benito, but he wanted a relationship and I did not.
So he passed me off to a pen friend of his and the rest is history.
~ Nina and I became Best (pen) Friends.
She lived in Montreal, Canada, I in Southern California. Two worlds apart but each with the same struggles and same passions. We supported each other through ups and down, sent off amazing packages. Praised each other and always wished we could someday meet.
~ We continued our friendship all the way up to my getting engaged.
By this time we had converted to e-mails. I wanted her in my Wedding but then life happened, as it sometimes does.
Computer crashes, moving (me and her), losing all current contact that I had of her.
Just a box of sent letters.
Over the years I thought of her often and longed for her, searched for her, any chance I got.
I was lonely for my dearest friend.
Then 6 years later,... this last Friday to be exact, I get a e-mail from someone on Facebook.
It's her!
She found me!
We have never met in person but now that we are more stable in our lives, I hope to someday in the near future meet.
She has her 4th child due in October and I feel somewhat sad that I was not there for her all this time. We have so much catching up to do!
Last I talked with her through e-mail, I had to laugh because she said she was filling up a package for me already!
Sometime this week I plan to pull out those letters, and if you think about it, what we shared with each other is part of our life story.
Never to be forgotten.


Alison Gibbs said...

Michelle how wonderful that you have once more found each other. Sometimes life gets in the way and we lose touch. Though once you 'meet' again it is as if you have never been 'apart'. Such fun

MB said...

That has got to be the nicest thing anyone has ever said/written about me! *Sniffles*
Michelle, you have no idea what an important part of my life you were over those years gone by!
Let it be have kept me alive through all those times when I truly thought nothing more than to be gone from this earth!
Thank you for who you are, but most of all...
Thank you for teaching me to love me, as now...the rest is history!
I love you Michelle, as I would my own sister! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

That is the best story!!!!! Im glad it has a happy ending and an everlasting friendship. I have something for you over at my blog -


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