Saturday, August 9, 2008

Post Due

~ If any of you are like me, you enjoy recieving personal snail mail!
And if it's a hand decorated post card, even better! I'm part of a casual group called Post Due. You fill out the basic info and then recieve a fabulous art card from the organizer in the mail, who in-turn request that you make a card for a address that he provides.
You can also join swaps where you send to 2 random addresses and recieve two back!
Not only are you keeping the tradition of snail mail alive...but you are recieving fabulous art!


kayellen said...

Hi Michelle!
The art on the top your blog is lovely. What a pretty fairy!

Have a great weekend!


MB said...

My parcel is ready! I just need to go to the local supermarket and ask for a brown paper bag to wrap the box up and off it will go!
I will try to get to it this week...if not, next week guaranteed!
It's hard to get out with 3 kids, especially when the weather has not been good lately! Rain rain rain!!!! Makes me wish for snow already! Hahahahaha! :o)

CalicoDaisy said...

That looks fun. I checked out the site and can see that you are going to get some great art that way! -- Michele

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