Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Charm Swap!

What a fabulous "fall and Halloween" Charm Swap we had!
These are the extra goodies some of the girls included for me! How nice!This charm was created by my good friend Sherry!
Here's front and back!
Next is a variety from Tracy laine, Diana Pohl, Pam Hoffman,
Mahala Elliot, Susan Caroll, & Valerie Myers
This Day of the dead beauty was created by a charm making "newbie"
~Michelle Betaudier!
We had a laugh over the fact that her boyfriends last name is Cummings and if she marries him, we will share the same name and same hobby!
Here, she hand crafted the box to look like a coffin, with velvet lining. Inside she made the skulls complete with sparkely eyes and crowns. and they glow! How honored we were to have her join the swap!
With every charm swap I host, I try to incoorperate one of my signature birds nest. I wanted them to be some what spooky and so I made my own black alchohol ink! What do you think?

We have a new printer. (thank god). When the old one would run out of color ink, the printer would not even work with a full black cartridge. Got to be quite the pain as I needed it to work for printing shipping lables.
So we have a nice new black ink only. Laser printer/copier/scanner. Nice!
I printed this image out on cream colored shrink plastic and made some "wicked" charms!
The large print is the before....
I also made pins for everyone! They either recieved the black cat or the pumpkin. I used a new must have product, called Crackle Accents by Ranger.
The one and only, Melissa Merrill made these sodered gems, front and back!

So that concludes the charm swaps for this year! If you would like to see treasures from our past charm swaps, please go here, and here!
The next charm swap I host will be inApril of 2009. The theme will be Birds. If you would like to be included, please send me a e-mail and I'll personally invite you as the time draws near.
Please come back and visit later this week for highlights from our in house Halloween parties and a Day of the Dead art class I taught!
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