Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Halloween Re-Cap

~Here are pic's from Thursday nights Pumpkin carving party and Halloween
~ I made little markers for all the food. We had Devil Dogs, Spider cupcakes, assorted spooky named appetizers,

peach flavored Jello- "Brain" and "Bloody" Joes
~ My friend Buffi gave me this FAB skull bracelet! The large glass beads glow in the center!

~ Here a tutu I made for my witch costume. I really liked how it came out with a hat that matched my leggings.

Here's Brian with his Dad, Jim and the final outcome of my spider web trauma from a earlier post. The winds we had helped neutralize everything, so I'm pleased with the look!

At our pumpkin carving party, This is my really good friend Teresa carving away. ( she was amazed that there were "tools" to carve pumpkins as all he had to carve one at home was a kitchen knife!)

In the background you can see Bruce (Laura's Husband) carving away.

Teresa and Sydney, The spider pumpkin was carved by James, My Sister in Law Genny carved "Jack"

At the table is my Brother in law Vance with Genny and Corey.

This is Sydney with her own cute Jack 'O' Lantern grin!




~ What's nice about living in a cul-de-sac is you have a safe place for your child to play and your neighbors know how to party on Halloween Night.

At the end, live some sisters who on every Halloween set up a wicked table of food, candy and lots and lots of wine! They love their wine. I had about 4 glasses! and good stuff too! They know their wine, which is good cause I don't. On my 4th glass, I brought my own from inside for a fill up so I relax on my couch for the night.


~ Dyllan (Jedi) and Grandpa Jim (Yoda)

~ dyllan trying on Grandpa's mask...

I finally got around to carving my pumpkin on Halloween day. I wanted it to look like the ones I see at Disneyland. I really like how it turned out!

Don't you?


NanaBeth said...

Well I want to see all of your costume! I would have been beside myself when I saw it. No accounting for some people!

michelle said...

Okay now I want to see the rest of your outfit because those legs rocked and i am sure the rest did too.! My neighbor always brings me some wine to have on Halloween night but only one glass I am coming your way next year!

Michelle said...

Thanks girls! I was going to dismantle it, but decides to keep it for next year.

Anonymous said...

those legs rocked and i am sure the rest did

Misvish said...

Looks like you guys had a blast on Halloween. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

katydiddy said...

That Bruce guy is HOT! Thanks for having us at your party.

Debby said...

This is great. You had a very creative and fun loving Halloween. How cool! I want to see you all dressed up!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us all the details ... loved the 'brain' and spider cupcakes!
Barb Fiskateer #2975

Judy said...

Love your new background!! Am going to check out the site where you got this! I've been sick and not reading blogs for a while so if this is old news, I blame my trip and the following cold. The spidey on the cupcakes was just cool! Good idea!!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

HI Michelle-

I'm just catching up on BLOGGING---LOVE your background!! It's fabulous!

Your Halloween photos are so fun--now I'm hungry looking at the cupcake photos, I better get a snack now. :0)



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