How to Root Basil Cuttings.

 I saw this idea on tiktok and it worked!
 Place a cutting or two of Basil
 in a bud vase filled with water.
 After about about 2 to 2 ½ weeks, the cutting will grow roots and be ready to plant! 🌱


In the Garden

 It was too nice of a day for being indoors so I cleaned up our secret garden a bit. I made a nice place to sort and clean sea treasures and then weeded a spot for my Our Lady of Guadalupe garden statue. 💗
 I’m looking forward to building her a proper shrine, complete with a little bird fountain. 💕

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Birthday Gifts

 I truly love all these thoughtful gifts I received for my Birthday! A beautiful Mermaid treasure box from family, a personalized whistle and lanyard from a co-worker, a scent warmer and Gift cards from friends and my favorite hair color from the kids I used to Nanny for! 💕💕💕

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Today is My Birthday

 Normally, I’m not a fan of carnation flowers, but I absolutely love these.
Gorgeous color!


Going for a bike ride!

 Dyllan and I went for a bike ride at Laguna Niguel Regional Park.
It was a gorgeous day for it! It’s 2.5 miles around the lake.
We rode around the lake 4 times plus in and around the park.
 I forgot how much I loved to ride! It was so much fun! 💕

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Sea Glass Collecting

 Not that bad for about a hours worth of beach-combing. 💕

It was also high tide and the waves were so unpredictable. I got soaked from the waist down more than once.
Good thing I was wearing a belt! 


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