Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home at last

~ I know these seem like a lot of photo's but they are really only a smattering of what we took in our 8 day road trip! So here is a basic run down as most of the info will be shared in a altered journal complete with scraps and touchable stuff.

~We arrived in a San Francisco on sat Nov,17th and spent all of the next day having fun. We've concluded that 1 day is enough in S.F. when you have a 3 year old boy!

Incredibly yummy lunch at Bubba Gump.

Let me tell you of this Carousel which was very beautiful. It has 2 stories where as the 2nd story spins in the opposite direction. Talk about sea sick!

Going down Lombard street, us in our beautiful suite.

The perfect shot and Dyllan pondering which $3 cupcake we will take to eat later from Kara's Cupcakes.

Drove through Garberville, the tiny hippie town where I was born.
Fave shop ~Garden of beadin. I got some crystals, a ring and that purple tea light star hanging up. (click pic for details)
We stopped of at Eureka to vist my Brothers new house, spent the night and then headed back to Whitethorn on Tuesday.

Dyllan and Uncle Walter in the goose hollow and a side shot of my Uncle's house on his 80 acre property!

Wed, we went walking with the bunch. In the course of enjoying the scenery, Dyllan doing what boys do naturally, whacking stuff with a stick, whacked a bee's nest and got stung/bit by tiny wasp's 7 times. My heart was in my stomach as I raced back to the house with him in my arms.We gave him extra benadryl and kept a close eye on him. He's ok now but is totally
freaked out by anything bee/fly related.

Morning frost. It got as cold as 37 degrees!
Their beautiful apple orchard.

Thanks Giving with the family.

Series of paper train that I made for Dyllan through out the trip. He made the 1st one except for the wheels, I made the last 2. Good thing I brought tape!

This the guest house we stayed in with my cousin Laura and her family.

Looking over the house and fields.

Chanterelle mushroom hunting on Thanksgiving morning. The hike was quite a work out to and from but well worth the trip!

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? I brought some home to saute with garlic! Yum!

My sister in law Ginny with Gemma and ornaments I made for everyone.

Brian and Aunt Kathy, inseparable Cousins jordyn and Mckenzie

My self with my cousin Laura and brother John

Friday we spent the night in Sacramento and spent a little of Saturday at the train museum before arriving home late sat. I never envisioned a train museum so vast and to have so many amazing things to see!

Definitely considering having thanksgiving again with the family not next year but maybe the year after?, maybe by train? And to spend more time exploring old Sacramento!
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