Thursday, November 15, 2007

My 3rd Boutique

For my table I found a a pretty lace like plastic table cloth to go over the cheap pink plastic ones I always use.
(feel free to click on any pic for detail!)

I had Scrapboxes, captured faeries, glittered Christmas trees, hair clips, magic wands, packets of custom glitter blend, Crowns, decorated votive holders, and pretty tags.
I made a custom blend of glitters and put them in a Sugar tin that regulary holds rinestones and jewels in my studio.
I had a sign in sheet for a chance to win one of my scrapboxes and displayed a working votive that I made using my glitters.
I'm holding a new crown that will be featured in my shop soon! And the gliterized christmas trees were a big hit!

This is what I won in the raffle! I'm really excited about the wine journal because it has useful tips, appetizer recipes with wine suggestions and a place to record your fave wines in the back!
The Boutique ran on this last Wed, from 9am-1pm. Some of the vendors were dissapointed of the lack of attendence. I admit that it was not as busy as last year, but I also took in affect that the fires have effected alot of life styles. I also noted that some of these vendors did not do any advertising of the boutique on their own.
Over all, I did fairly well. I sold more than I expected and aroused the interest in alot of people on what I can do in custom orders. I gave out lots of business cards and even gathered e-maill addy's for a drawing!
~The other super great thing is that I have a bunch of yummy's to upload into my shop instead of the usual one at a time as I make it -stuff.
My goal for my next boutique is to have things to be seen at eye level. I have to figure out how and what. Either way I'm learning and always look forward to the next one. I'm glad I only do this a few times a year otherwise one could go crazy if they did this for a living!
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