Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I feel Empowered

Last night was my first free class of TaeKwonDo. Dyllan and I both signed up for one months free, just had to buy the uniforms. Our classes started Monday and Dyllan has gone both times. He loves it! But it kind of puts a "kink" in my regular day time routine as his class is at 3pm and mine is 7ish.
It's so cute to see him in his uniform and doing all the pint sized moves! Yesterday they had the little kids doing warm up exercises like yoga and knuckle push ups.
For my (first) class last night, they had us warm up by doing a light jog in a circle, then jogging backwards, then jogging side ways. We also did stomach crunches, some yoga stuff and sprints. Then my training for the night included sparring, stances, front rising kick, front kick, front turning kick, and ended with practicing fighter stances in front of a mirror complete with more kicks.
Doing some of the defense kicking moves and blocking made me feel empowered. I saw this practice in a new light and wondered why more Mom's I know are not taking it for "self defense" as well.
I slept like a rock.
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