Friday, July 10, 2009

The Pick-Up Faerie

We have a very soon to be 5 year old boy who loves his teeny tiny lego's and other toys so much but hates to put them away. So for the past week they have been scattered here and there all over our living/playroom. At times I've taken a broom to sweep out a path to walk.
No amount of threatening would work as I could not follow through with the threats because we just did not have the time. We have signed up for one free month of TKD and have been going to class twice a day all week, only 3 more weeks to go!
Well on my 2nd night of class, (wed) towards the end , we had to bring our knee up, bend, snap kick up, bring it down and continue with each leg across the mat. Only when I brought my right leg down, it turned to "rubber" down to the toes and I hit the floor. I iced it all night and went to the doctor in the morning to find that I had torn something, so I got my meds and I'm supposed to not walk and keep it elevated. Yea right. But I'm doing my best and after a hard sleep, it feels alittle better, still can't bend.
So on to the toy issue... out of the blue I started recieving a subscription good till March 2010 for Parents magazine. I have not recieved this mag since since Dyllan was 3. And strangely I'm getting it now? Well what's a girl to do but read a free magazine!
Yesterday while Dyllan and I were eating a early dinner, I was flipping through the mag and saw a story about the "pick up faerie". If it worked for the lady who wrote the story, I'd be willing to give it a try.
So I put the magazine down and and stared off in the distance and said in a monotone voice, 'I sure hope the pick up faerie does not call'
Dyllan stopped in mid bite, his eyes got really wide, and said, 'the pick up faerie?'
I told him the pick up faerie can hear him when he does not want to pick up his toys as asked, and then she calls to tell the mommy that she will come after he has gone to sleep to fill a great big colorful bag, (I used my arms to show how big the bag was) with the toys he did not pick up.
I also told him that she had green hair, green teeth and wore a brightly colored outfit with her BIG colorful bag.
Later, while I was in the studio, Dyllan came and asked me to see something in the living room.
I expected another lego creation, but what I saw was a spic and span place! I could see the floor and the train table was completely cleaned off!
Dyllan then says, 'I guess the pick up faerie won't be coming by tonight!'
When Brian came home, I quickely and quietly explained about Faerie, and later over heard Brian asking Dyllan about the pick up faerie and Dyllan telling him all there is to know.


michelle said...

Take care of leg I know it is hard to stay off it as you are the Mom and do you think the pick up fairy will work on my DH?

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hope you get to feeling better. What a great pick up fairy story! Wish I had her when my son's were young...or maybe I should give it a try on him now...(he's 21) it may still work. lol.

Hugs :)

Pam Hoffman said...

oh, ouch!

Watch out for that gravity. Sorry to hear you are injured.

Great story about the pick up fairy! Way cool way to get Dyllan to make his toys scarce.

Good luck,

Pam Hoffman

Anonymous said...

I really felt sorry to hear that you get injuries in your leg.take Care.


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