Friday, July 24, 2009

Where I Create & a Little Giveaway!

I'm sorry for my lateness in joining the party!
It's been a whirlwind of a week and only to get crazier!
I leave tomorrow for a few days at my Dad's with Dyllan. I'm taking Dyllan to San Diego's Comic Con on Sunday and we are stoked! Dyllan will be dressing as "Captain Rex" from Clone Wars and I will be a pink Mom. It's our first time going and I don't know what to expect so I just want to be comfortable. Ya know? So since I will be the keeper of snacks, liquids and what nots in my pink back pack, I thought I'd also wear my pink croc's-wanna-be's , a cute pink top, grey leggings, pink nails and a cute pink tiara. Next year I might attach Faerie wings to the back pack...we will see....
So as for the where Bloggers Create party hosted by My Desert Cottage, I'm sharing a few pics as to where I find my inspiration when I create.

~In the garden. I love to crush the herbs, lavender, basil, mint, oregano and my peppermint geranium in my fingers.
Their scent renews me. I, with a sketch pad in hand, create new wonders to make out of paper, wire or fabric.

Even though my green space is small, I let it over run, making it almost like a secret garden.

My Plumeria is almost in full bloom. I pluck one for my hair, enjoying the tropical scent while I continue my creative journey.

Look at this wee chair shaded by a over grown mushroom....

It's the start of my new Faerie garden... just a peek is all I can show for now,

In my studio, I have a little section to display my own and art by people I admire.

It keeps me happy and inspired. Those colorful boxes you see are "Scrapboxes" and they are waiting to be filled with paper treasures before being shipped off to some patiently waiting friends.
For the party...I'm giving away 2 newly made charms. I have some left over from a current swap I hosted (things with wings) more photo's to posted next week!

One person will win 2 charms. One itty bitty nest and one owl piece.
Just post here on this post and double your chance by popping over to my other blog as well!
I'll pick a winner when I return on Tuesday the 28th.
So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

btw...Congratulations to Angellandspot for winning my last RAK!
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