Monday, February 1, 2010

CHA Giveaway 5 - Mod Podge Rocks!!!

One of my favorite memories of my adventure at CHA was running into two of my favorite people...
here I am with Cathie Filian
who is a Co host Creative Juice on diy!

She is just the sweetest and so genuine!
I really loved meeting her as I love her show and her blog!

Look at all these great things she put together using Mod Podge in this display!
Speaking og Mod Podge...

This is Amy, who also made my day to meet her as I just started following her blog,
Mod Podge Rocks.
She's so nice and clever- (look at that desk!)
She had tutorials, and many idea's!
I wanted to show off some things I've made with Mod Podge, cause seriously...I LOVE this stuff!
..decorated magnetic clothespins..

.. cup cake picks..

.. a mermaid treasure box..

..a little keepsake box..
(not finished yet...gonna add some glitter...)

..a photo holder..
it's one of those large wooden clothespins

..Halloween light switch covers..
(Mod podge works great with fabric!)

..a decorated tray..
I wanted it to look like real tile.

Here's what I'm adding to the CHA Celebration giveaway...
Don't forget to visit all the previous CHA Celebration Post to increase your chances of winning!
And I'm not done...I'll pick a grand winner soon, I only have 5 more postings to go!

* * *
The One World, One Heart
World Wide Blog party ends on February 15th
The giveaway on this post is separate from the CHA Celebration.
Good luck on both!

*No Connection, Unpaid, My Own Opinions

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