Monday, February 8, 2010

Jacquard Tag

For the last day of my CHA Celebration Giveaway,
I'm posting a sweet tutorial using one of my favorite products by Jacquard!
To make the "love" tag'll need the following:

Pinata color - Blanco,
a makeup sponge,
3" of tinsel red pipe cleaner,
favorite music sheet stamp,
black staz-on,
clear vinyl tag
label maker,
pretty red fabric,
heart template,
favorite clear drying craft glue
staz-on cleaner
* * *
Start with putting alittle of the blanco on the tag and dabbing with the sponge.
What I love about the blanco is a little goes a long way and it does not dry up
before I have a chance to spread it around!

Trace heart template on the wrong side of the fabric with a pen, don't use a ink pen
unless it's for fabric or it will bleed into the design.

Cut out the heart and with your fingernail, begin to fray the edges.
The longer your fingernails are, the easier this is.

With your scissors, cut off any fly away threads, careful not to trim your frayed ends!

Turn your tag over to the smooth glossy side.
Ink your stamp with the black staz-on and stamp onto tag.
Staz-on will be permanent and any other ink will smear.
Clean stamp and dry immeditaly
Dot Dot , Not Alot! :)
Only use a little glue or it will seep through your heart and create a sticky mess!
Adhere heart to tag
with your label maker, spell out love and cut.
affix label to bottom of tag and add pipe cleaner to top.

So what do you think?
Don't you just "love" this?

This is the last CHA Celebration post and I want to thank you all for joining in on
the adventure with me!
It's so nice to meet so many new people and
Inspire many of you with things that you've never known of!

*I have a material connection because I received a gift or sample of a product for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was/am not expected to return this item or gift after my review period.


angelandspot said...

The tag is so pretty. I love it.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Wow - I love it! Thanks for teaching us how to make one. :) I love the incorporation of sheet music into art. It blends so well together. :) Theresa

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This has been so much fun! thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

stampkjs said...

This is the first time I could join you as I have been out of the country for over 2 weeks. I hated missing CHA! I LOVE your tag! I love using the glue for the back of the clear tag!


Debby said...

Michelle you have brought us so much fun and learning. You really brought back a wonderful giflt already to the rest of us with all the products and what they made back to us. thanks

michelle said...

Oh you have been wonderful . . . love this cute little tag so sweer and just in time!

chignon said...

Your tag is fantastic. I love how you "distressed" the fabric heart. Your designs are so creative!

Pam Hoffman said...

Congratulations on your giveaway series!

I'm so glad I got to participate, even a little.


Pam Hoffman

Chris C said...

Thanks for sharing with us - I have really enjoyed this.
I love the tag, but was just wondering what blanco is? i have not heard that before - is it white paint?
Christine C
Fiskateer #2264.

Lisa's Scrap Site said...


TracyM #6773 said...

Beautiful tag Michelle!!!

Haven't used tags, staz-on or a label maker before, so it is interesting to learn about new techniques. Have stitched frayed fabric on to cards though :o)

Thanks for sharing your CHA adventures with us.

Anonymous said...

I love the tag that you made.It is so cute.

Joan Fiskateer #808

Laura Bray said...

Excellent tutorial Michelle.

Linda said...

The tag is fabulous! I love the fabric heart! thank you for sharing CHA, it has been fun!


Vicki in MD said...

that tag is super - thanks for sharing the technique with us

NanaBeth said...

This is so exciting for me. I have a huge collection of acrylic tags and a small amount of innate creativity. This is a wonderful idea and even I can come up with a few variations on my own. Thank you so much-now off to find some Jacquard product.

Missy said...

Neat ! I've added these things to my shopping list thanks !

laterg8r said...

these cha posts have been awesome - tfs :D

Tami B. said...

Such a lovely tag and a great tutorial. Love that you really got the details included like how to fray the heart and trim it up so cute.

Kathy L said...

Great tag. CHA must have been a blast!

baglady said...

Thanks for the great tutorial-sometimes....lots of times....I see cool things that I would like to make but have no idea how to do it. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely putting your blog on my favorites and adding you to my google reader so I can keep checking out your blog. I want to come back and check out all your links along the side. That should take a few nights :) thanks again.


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