Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some bits and pieces from our Halloween Party!

Our Halloween party was so much fun this year! We had quite the turnout! Friends and Family showed up at 4pm to eat and socialize and then we went as a group around our (flat) neighborhood for tricks and treats!
My husband Brian helped make the black webs and add spider rings to these cupcakes!
See recipe here.

I also gave him some craft paper, my big shot, and a bat die to customize these water bottles!

I made creepy (easy) food labels...

Tried my hand at these jello-worms....the kids LOVED these! But one Dad was completely freaked by them...well worth making 200 worms! Can't wait to make them again next year...even more realistic!

To make the moldy cheese, I used a store bought cheese dip- garlic and artichoke, mixed with some coarse shredded cheese and then rolled it in dried Italian herbs. Easy!

Me again!

The kids lined up ready to canvas the neighborhood!

Such a great idea!

One of many rest stops for a snack... :)

This house thrilled me and yet creep-ed me out at the same time! Reminds me of those sci-fi flicks with giant grass hoppers! All I can wonder is how the heck did he get the web all over the house? Must be a dare devil...

We tied some orange and green balloons to the kids goody bags.

So, how was your Halloween?
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