SIZZIX Delicate Tissue Paper Flowers!

Once again I am excited to be apart of Sizzix's Triple Play Blog Hop!
This week we are featuring a die created by Brenda Pinnick!
Beauty Bloom Flowers, Original Die #655455

I hope you will enjoy the tutorial I made up for you using this wonderful die!

Supplies used:
Beauty Blooms Flowers # 655455
White tissue paper
Paper Piercer
a mouse pad
thin wire
assorted sized pearls
clear tape

Begin by running your die through multiples sheets of the tissue paper. You will need per each flower, 2 of the 3 point base pieces, 3 individual petals, 2 medium flowers and 3 tiny inner flowers.

Place the 2 bottom pieces down first, then the 3 petals with corners touching the centers. (make sure there is no draft or that you don't expel air too fast when working with these flowers or they will be hard to handle. ;)

Place your 2 medium flowers on next and lastly add the 3 small flowers. Secure the flowers through the center with your paper piercer, pushing all the way through. Be sure you are using the back of your mouse pad when using this tool to protect your work surface! Leave the tool in your flowers to hold them intact until you finish with the next step.

Gather some wire and 3 ascending sized beads. Here I used plain plastic pearls. Start by bending your wire piece in half. Loop the smallest pearl towards the top.

Give a small twist to secure the tiny bead. Add the next sized pearl by threading onto both wires at once. Finish with the last pearl.

Remove paper piercer and push both wires through the flowers hole starting from top to bottom. Gently pull pearls secure against flower, then open up wires at the back and bend, and bend again. Secure wire to tissue with tape. Turn flower over and give it a gentle scrunch as to make the flower look realistic.

Finish off a few more flowers and you have quite a delicate display!

With the same flowers making procedure as above, you can then accent the flowers with holiday garland. Use wire snips to remove a over sized pearl from one bunch. Bend a piece of wire in half and wrap both ends equally around the base of the holiday pearl.

Push the wires and tail of the pearl through the top of the tissue flower. Use a rumpled piece of fabric to hold the the pearl steady while you secure the wire and snip the tail.

Oh so pretty! Reminds me of a Wedding!

When I was dreaming up this project,... long before I had made up the actual flowers,...I kept singing to myself..."Brown paper packages, tied up with string...these are a few of my favorite things!"

Thank you for visiting me once again.
I hope I have inspired you!
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See you next week!
~Michelle Cummings


LollyChops said...

Beautiful project! Thanks for the terrific tutorial too!

Karen B said...

These are gorgeous! I love the pearls and your step-by-steps are so clear. Love it!

Melony said...

I love it when an artist shows how to take very oridinary materials and make them look so rich- your tutorial is great too

Laura Bray said...

Very pretty Michelle. These would be great red-like poinsettias for holiday gift wrap.

Jen Goode said...

I love the idea of using tissue, these are beautiful!

milkcan said...

They're totally fantastic!

Brenda Pinnick said...

These are seriously beautiful! I also love it that you paired it with manilla packing paper as the wrap- a very lovely presentation and billiant use of materials. Thank you for using my die!

Sara said...

lovely tutorial. I am off to play

Unknown said...

Those are PERFECT for gift wrap! I love!

Vic said...

Lovely flowers!

madelinesthoughts said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty! A simple material turned into something wonderful.

TheresaCifali said...

Tissue paper?????!!!! I'm new to Sizzix dies and never would have thought to put tissue paper through it! That's just awesome. The blooms look so elegant...so much prettier than the ones you find at the craft store.

Roxi Phillips said...

I love the effect of the translucency of the tissue! So delicate!

Einat Kessler said...

I love your flowers! they are beautiful!

Heather Grow said...

So pretty and elegant.

Gretchen said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful idea. They look so pretty and delicate, awesome job!

HawaiianLibrarian said...

These flowers look like delicate pieces of a wedding ensemble. Just beautiful. Mahalo for the technique.


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