Friday, December 22, 2017

Vintage Inspired Christmas Tree Light Reflectors

I've always loved the look of vintage tree light reflectors and I love how Rinea Foiled Papers can help achieve that look with out any fuss.
Because I was using the reflectors on our Mexican folk art tree, I wanted to use colors that were bright and festive. I used Rinea Glossy Foiled Paper because one side was colored and the other side was gold.
Cut your foiled paper in 1 ½" strip and score at the ½" mark. Use fringe scissors to cut up to the ½" line. Cut strips into 1" pieces.
Pick out 2-3 colors to layer. 
Place 1/4" strips of double stick tape at the top of each strip. A ball point pen is about the same size as a Christmas tree light, so use that as your wrapping base. Wrap a un-taped fringed square around the pen. Then add the 2nd squarewith tape and then the 3rd square.

Before slipping these over any lights, fringed reflectors. 
I personally love how these look on colored lights, they remind me of childhood trips to mexico during the holidays with my Dad.
Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas! 
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