This month. The toy. Some Christmas music and catching up.

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. My mind is in a whirlwind daze of past activities and soon to be a new year that I have kind of shut down. Here is a recap of the month so far.

Pm- My sons Wolf den is quite large. 17 kids I believe. But instead of splitting them up into more than one group and splitting up young friendships, kids and adults alike, the den leader has enlisted the adults to lead activities. My husband and I led the safety one. I did the hand washing (with anti bacterial gel) and first aid demonstration ( red marker and angry birds band aids) they practiced on each other. My husband did the bicycle hand signals out side.

Prepped all day for the 3rd.

I participated all day in Charity Wings Seaside Soiree. A fun creative day, with classes taught by a host of amazing talent and then later in the evening, I had my demo. See my post here.

Helped out from start to finish at a friends (Danielle) sons 8th Birthday party. It was a pokemon party to the max! Jack is the Birthday boy and Dyllan's best friend.
-Later that night, wake up with tingling and numb in my right hand.

Pm- movie with Danielle, Breaking Dawn.
- Later that night wake up with more pain in my hand and this time my fingers. Woke up 3 times to be exact. Got very little sleep as it took much time to find relief.

Volunteered 2 hours with the school book fair, took Dyllan to see the Muppets movie after school. Then we grabbed take out from Wahoos and headed over here to see some holiday lights. We were greeted at our car door window with cups of hot apple cider then invited inside to see more amazing decorations!
Pm- more pain, this time during the day and at night- delaying me writing out Christmas cards.

Buy a brace for my wrist, helps greatly, concludes that the excessive prepping and later the teaching for my beaded wire hair comb on the 3rd led to a pinched nerve in my hand. - has happened before.
Am- Dentist appt. Not one filling, but two. Get two temporaries.
Pm - Family meeting to talk about the cruise.

After School, Caroling with the Wolf den at a senior center.
Pm- Send Dyllan to a cousins b-day party with Grandpa Jim, while I start to pack
- also pre date all my nest weeks blog postings.

- Get the next weeks worth of homework from Dyllans teacher, pick up extra epi-pen from school nurse.
Pm- Send Dyllan off with husband and grandpa Jim to a Christmas dinner theater.
-Then get the home/kitchen table ready with cookies (from trader joes) hot tea and de-caff coffee ready to welcome friends in my Stampin Up group.

Am- Bow out at the last minute and insist the husband takes Dyllan to the Local city Holiday parade to march with his Wolf den,  (in class"A" uniform and a Santa hat) - so I could continue packing for the cruise.
- Later I take Dyllan to holly's 5th Birthday party. (Jacks sister). The theme was part pokemon, part girly girl. More low key than the last one. I spent a better part of the party making anklets at the bead table for me to wear on my cruise.
Pm- stay up late making sure everything is packed.

Relax, have fun, get some SUN on a Disney Wonder cruise to Cabo with My husband, Dyllan, Grandpa Jim, my Husbands brother, wife and their two boys. I had no cell service or Internet service the entire trip. A little hard for the husband but fine for me.
Am-on the 18th, having our last breakfast at sea, a piece of my tooth fall off. No pain, so I think its a recent temporary. No biggy, right?

All Day- Still feeling like we are on the boat. I walk like I'm on the moon and find myself unconsciously swaying at all hours. Did not leave the house. The coldness in the air has brought back some of the pain in my hand. Did little laundry, wanted to create, but did not. Went to the dentist. My breakfast incident turned out to be a chipped tooth from a old old old silver filling that had gotten infected. I needed a root canal asap.
- Head over to Target, two stores down for a antibiotic prescription. While there, browse the toy section with Dyllan for a Christmas gift for Jack and Holly. Then I find a action figure set of Ash and Pikachu. It's the last one on the shelf and a Target exclusive. I way my options of being    able to find it again when I  return  on  my own a few days later. Errrr. what to do?  I  have Dyllan with me and I know he wants this badly, so I tell him that's its for Daddy. And he totally buys my fib. Which will be sweet when he finds   it under the tree for him.

10am- dropped Dyllan off at Daniells house so Icould have dental surgery for the next three hours. Luckily they were able to save the tooth. So happy. I also told the dentist, who is a female and all her staff as well, that was the calmest root canal I've ever had.  It was! They were efficient, precise and spoke in calm words. I almost fell asleep.
1Pm- with my mouth numb as ever, I pick up dyllan. Later a SU friends comes over and by this time the numbest has gone and I realize my temporary is crooked and resembles a snaggle tooth when I talk or even smile! Aagh. So back to the dentist I return later in the day to have it fixed.
- I spent over 4 hours at the dentist.

Today and tomorrow, I'm wrapping gifts, making some art, hopefully sewing on the sewing machine and maybe I'll make some cookies to take to my Moms for Christmas. This will the first year I  did not do my usual 3 weeks of baking and I am truly sad about that part. But I'm just focusing on "little" things so I  can have a calm Holiday with friends. I've just put on Michael Bubles new Holiday CD for Dyllan, (I can hear him singing along...) and then Friday night will be doing a MNO (Mom's Night Out) with a friend or two.

So that's the it. Where I have been.  I hope you have had a less busy month and are enjoying your Holiday with Friends and Family.

~ Michelle

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Was wondering where you had been. That explains it!


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