Monday, April 23, 2012

Succulents & Sea Monkeys

I just wanted to share with you my indoor garden. These are my succulents, which I'm very fond of.  Every Sunday, I sip my coffee and leisurely use tweezers to remove dead leaves and the mist them gently with water if they appear dry. Next month I plan to replant some of the smaller ones into some glass bowls to make terrariums. I can never resist getting a new succulent or two when I visit my favorite plant nursery. 
We also have these "Sea Monkeys". Dyllan earned them when he sold all his coupon books for Cub Scouts. They swim very fast, sometimes bumping into each other which is quite funny! I enjoy watching them, they look like angels when they swim, like they are flying through the water. This kit was $5 at Target and I read they can last for up to 2 years with proper care. I highly recommend them as a first pet, they are more fun to watch than gold fish. :)


Elaine Akers said...

Your succulent plants are thriving. I also like succulents, and have hens and chicks in my rock garden.
I use to grow african violets for show, and they took a care. Turning, brushing, and careful watering. I really like the trailing miniatures.
The little sea monkeys are brine shrimp. My boys use to have them when they were little. Fun to watch.

Laura Bray said...

Love your photos on this post. Beautiful light.

Sea monkeys! I had those as a child. I'll have to pick some up for Olivia.


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