November 4, 2013

Mickey's Halloween Trick or Treat Party! 2013 @ Disneyland.

 Although we live in southern California, we don't have Disneyland passes like we used to. Just before ours expired, they raised the prices. :(  But we still have a Disney credit card which earned us a great discount on the annual Halloween party! Here, Dyllan and I attended the party a few days before Halloween.

We entered the park by 3:30pm, got our wrist bands and teeny tiny treat bags, then headed over to catch Billy and the Hill Billy show. You can see them here on You tube.
I was so happy to see them, I think I almost cried as they were a staple of our Disneyland diet.
We love them so!
 Then we browsed all the creations of the Disneyland pumpkin carving masters.
 As you can see (above and below).... they are quite talented!
Which ones are your favorite?
I love them all!
There was a promise of rain, so attendance seemed low.
We trick or treated a bit for candy, but mostly concentrated on the rides we missed the most.
Thunder Mountain was down for renovation. 
So we rode Star Tours twice. Somehow we managed to get the same seats in the same back row for the same scene.
Then, Ghost Galaxy aka Space Mountain twice.
Dinner at the Rocket cafe and then The Matterhorn six times!
 The wait line was 0-10 minutes.  The ride is rather rocky and jerky, but if you are facing the entrance to the ride, the left side is much faster than the right!
It started to drizzle...then actually rain around 9:15pm, so we made our last ride to be a ever favorite...Haunted Mansion. By this time, we were both tired and our feet ached. So we rode the tram back to the parking structure where I changed Dyllan into his jammies and made it home by 11:00pm on a school night.

It was pretty fun and I can't wait until next year. Who knows...maybe we will have passes by then. :)


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