June 1, 2015

Festive Party Banner

 The theme this month is "Lets Party!" So I'm showing you a colorful banner I made that I use for 'all' occasions-  parties, camping, even boutiques!
It's my Festive Party Banner!
I basically sewed all my favorite scrap fabric together.
I did not hesitate when mixing the patterns, colors or types of fabric together.
I sewed across, up, down and even zig-zag.
Don't you just love the colors? 
I used fleece and felt for the base and some solid in-between pennants.
There was no rhyme or reason when I made this banner.
Just a happy feeling making something colorful that  flutters nicely in the breeze!

 When a friend and I participated in a recent 'Junque Trunk',
I used the banner in our booth.  It was just what we needed! :)
So before you go about throwing out your fabric scraps, try sewing a Festive Party Banner with them first. Best part? Easy to store and easy to wash!
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