Table Top Holiday Decoration!

 Have you ever wanted to give a live plant or mini tree as a gift for the holidays but felt like the selection at the stores were less than great? As long as you keep your basic craft supplies on hand at home or with you when you travel, you'll never run into that problem again!

 I was visiting Family for the weekend and had to run to the store for a few things. I saw this tree with it's plain ornament and thought, hmmmm.....I bet I can pretty that up a bit. 
Back at the house, I painted both sides with shimmery paints.

 When they were dry, I added some glittery accents with Tulip Beads in a Bottle.
I have used them once before, you can see those projects here.
I set the decorated ornament outside to cure while I worked on the garland. 
 I used 26 gauge wire, assorted beads and scissors. 
 Wrap the wire around the tree like a garland, then double the wire length.  String a bead onto the wire and secure the end leaving a 1" tail..  Then keep on adding more beads, alternating the colors if possible. 

 Loosely space the beads about 1" apart and twist them and the wire as shown. Continue until you have enough beaded garland for the tree.

Secure the end tail onto a the bottom part of the tree, then loosely wrap the garland around, going up as you wrap. You may have too much garland, if so, snip it off leaving a bit of wire. Attach that bit to the top of the tree. Add the the decorated planter ornament and place for all to see!
Thank you for coming by, comments welcome!
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