Make your own book strap

Custom Book Strap

So you know those "free" belts that sometimes come with shorts or pants? They are not really your style, so you pull them off and use your own. But those belts can be functional in other ways, like this custom book strap I made for my art supplies. Keeps everything together for on-the-go creating!

- Joy Embroidered Iron-on Emojis- &  Joy Embroidered Iron-on Letters
- Canvas belt
- Watercolor paints and brush
- Iron and pressing cloth

Wrap your books and/or art supplies with the belt and secure snugly.
Mark the placement of your letters and emojis, then carefully undo the belt.
Cover the letters with a pressing cloth and iron on to the belt according to the package directions.

Paint the letters as desired with watercolors. Heat-set the color by ironing again with the pressing cloth.

Here's a idea I did for my pencil case that sometimes doesn't stay shut - I hand-stitched a bit of wide elastic to fit the case and then ironed on an emoji patch.
Cute and functional!
Visit the Joy blog for more creative idea's!

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