Tea in The Garden Sun-Catchers with Laura K. Bray Stamps

I've known Laura for many years. While our children had their play-date...us mom's had a craft date!

So, when Laura asked me to guest design for her new line of rubber stamps, of course I said yes! How exciting for her! Laura's stamps, Tea in the Garden, are super cute and fun for any project!

 The stamps come pre-mounted with a rubber cling backing. So all you have to do is cut them out, peel off the backing and start creating! Plus they come with a clear plastic sheet to safely store your stamps when you are done with your project.

To make sun-catchers like mine, you will need the following:
  1. Tea in The Garden Stamp Set, by Laura K. Bray
  2. Stamping block 
  3. A black pigment ink pad
  4. Colored permanent markers
  5. Colored tissue paper
  6. Clear contact paper
  7. Clear plastic (packaging from a store bought item)
  8. A large beverage cup to trace
  9. A hole punch
  10. Scissors
  11. Colored beads and fishing line 

 Trace the top of your cup onto the contact paper and the plastic.
Trace the bottom of the cup onto the tissue. Cut all of these out.

 Place your stamps onto your block, ink and stamp carefully onto the tissue paper.
(It helps to have a piece of scrap paper under the tissue paper while you stamp and color)

 Color in the stamped design with your markers. When done, flip the tissue over and color in on the other side.

Peel off the backing on the contact paper circle and lay face up.
 Next, carefully place your tissue paper circle in the center of the contact paper.
Take a brightly colored marker and draw a simple design onto the tacky party of the contact paper.

 When you have finished your design, you can place the plastic circle on top.
 Flip over and smooth out any bubbles with your fingers.
Punch a hole at the top and thread your fishing line and beads.

 Hang in a bright sunny window for all to enjoy!
Happy creating!

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