January 9, 2018

You are Invited to a New Art Charm Swap!

You are Invited to a
❤ Artsy Heart ❤
Charm and ATC swap!

Please be *Creative*! (hence the theme)
Some  ideas:
Hand/ heart, small tin man
Flaming heart, tiny jar of hearts
Clay, fabric/canvas, wire wrapped, beaded, glittery
Glass soldered, metal/leather stamped, Foiled paper, love notes/envelop, resin…
Just make it artsy!


 ___ Using any materials you wish, please hand make your hearts. Add-ons and findings can be store bought.
 ___ Use silver or gold findings  (jump rings, pins, wire) with your charms.
 ___ Including the jump ring, your charms should be no longer than 1 ½”
 ___ All charms should be durable enough to be worn.


____ These can be the traditional card size or heart shaped as long as they don’t exceed the ATC measurements of 2 ½” x 3 ½”.
___ The front side of your ATC should feature the theme of the swap.
___ The back side of the ATC is for your info: Name, date/ theme of swap, email, blog
If case you are interested, I have designed and sell a line of ATC rubber stamps.


 ___ Place each charm/ATC in a small zip lock bag.  ATC bags can be found in the beading isle of any craft store. They measure 3” x 4” and usually can accommodate both the charm and ATC.  You are also welcome to decoratively package each set.
___ Place all  packages in one large zip lock with the following:
  • A very clearly printed return address label
Last day to sign up is February 10th, 2018.
Final head count and shipping info will be emailed a few days later.

All Charms and ATC's are due by March 31st.

Sign up by sending me a email or posting on our Face Book group.


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