October 1, 2019

Glow in the Dark Halloween Decor

Get a head start on Halloween with easy to make Halloween decor!

You will need:

Joy® embroidered letters -  (1 1/2" Script) **

A black Halloween felt place mat. **
White acrylic paint **
Glow in the dark paint **
Paint brushes **

Items with a ** next to them were found at Michael's Craft Stores.


1. Begin by painting the center design of the felt place mat with white paint. Apply the paint  at least 3 times, letting it dry in between each coat.

2. Use an iron to heat set the letters per the instructions on the package.

3. Paint the letters carefully with the glow in the dark paint. 
2-3 coats of paint should do the trick.
4. Next paint your center design with multiple coats of glow in the dark paint, letting it dry in between coats. 
5. Attach a wire to the top and place under a bright lamp to activate the "glow". 
 Then turn out the lights for a 'spooky' good time! 
Happy Halloween!

See more Joy® embroidered creations here

Joy® embroidered script, monogram letters are available in different sizes in white or black. White letters can be colored to coordinate with any décor. 

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