About Michelle Frae Cummings

Michelle Frae Cummings is a mixed- media artist, instructor and Freelance writer. 
She lives with her husband, Brian and son Dyllan in sunny Southern California.
Michelle has always been crafty growing up as her Mother sewed and painted in oils while her Grand Mother made beautiful ceramics. She has vivid memories as early as Kindergarten regarding her art skills, dreaming up stories with illustrations to match.
In High School she won the Poseidon award for both Fine Art and Ceramics.

Michelle went on to Jr. College where she studied more painting, drawing and fashion design.

Since then, Michelle has painted sets for local play houses, created costumes, designed store front windows, taught at local scrapbook stores, public groups, and sells her art locally and online.

Michelle is a organizer and instructor of a popular mixed media arts and craft club, which meets at her home monthly.

Michelle’s passion is color
 Whether she is painting with it, sewing, wire wrapping or planting it in her garden, she’s content.
It’s how she expresses her dreams and inspirations. 
Creating with her fingers is therapeutic and energizing at the same time.
Michelle loves to create!
Her mind is in constant motion. Solving problems, dreaming up new ideas, trying new things, making mistakes, making ART...and telling everyone about it , on her blog.

Dec.2016 - Present : Illustrator and Design Team Leader for Blank Page Muse
 ( formerly  Sin City Stamps)
June 2016- Present : Workshop host of  a Mixed Media Arts and Crafting Club
2011- Present : Designer Craft Connection 
2018 - Present: Steward and Designer for Little Free Library #78965
September 2021 - Present  : Gwen Studios

March 2011-Dec. 2014 Chattering Robins
April 2012- Sept. 2016 Amazing Mold Putty
May 2014 - Dec. 2016 Smoothfoam
June 2014 Guest Designer for Couture Creations
August 2014- Aug. 2015 Deflecto 
June 2016 -May 2018 :  Rinea 
April 2016- 2020 : Creating with Joy - Embroidery 

Other Interests:
Jewelry making, wire craft, gardening, art card making, blog swaps, COOKING,  baking, reading, sewing, music, photography, being in nature, amusements parks, visiting new places, shopping, sharing creative ideas with friends, ENTERTAINING,  flea market/garage sale finds, taking naps, dreaming of new things to make and teach, recycling!


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