Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spooky Treats

~Since it's almost Halloween, I wanted to share with you some of the treats I'll be conjuring up for Halloween. They are not only fun and easy to make, but will leave your guest asking for more!
(click on each photo for more detail!)
Bake your choice of brownies and cut into squares.
  1. Take white frosting and add a dab to each large marshmellow, then secure to brownies.
2. Place brownies on baking sheet with something to collect drips underneath.
3. Melt the remaining frosting in the microwave till runny. Spoon over brownies creating the "ghost" effect.
4. Add black frosting for eyes. If you make these a day in advance the will look even more dramatic!
Witch Hats.

  1. 1 package of keebler striped chocolate cookies, unrapped hershey kisses of choice, colored frosting in a can or tube.

  2. attach kisses to underside of cookie with a dab of frosting

  3. draw ribbon with frosting, add other effects if you want.
Mummy Toes

  1. 1 package of hot dogs (your choice)

  2. refrigerated croisants

  3. ketchup

  4. roll up each dog in a croisant, leaving each dog end showing.

  5. with a paring knife, cut out alittle bit of each dog end to resemble a "nail bed"

  6. bake according to croisant directions

  7. cut each crisant dog in 1/2

  8. squeeze ketchup into each nail bed.
Some other things I'll be serving at our 3rd annual Trick or Treat party is grilled cheese sandwitches and tomatoe soup warming in a crock pot for parents to sip in a cup as they stroll from house to house.

Check out the above treat idea that I'm going to make for Dyllan's school friends! I found it on on Heather's site! You are going to "kick" yourself when you see just how easy it is too make these yummy's!
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