Friday, October 12, 2007

Going to D-land today!

~~~We were supposed to go last Monday but I forgot about the Holiday. So the only other day I could manage was today. Brian is coming home from Chicago tonight so Dyllan and I will be meeting my Father-in law Jim there at opening times. This will be the 1st time in 5 years that I'll be at the park when it opens. Only cause the winter hours open at 10:00am instead of summer 8:00am. A little more doable.
~~~I plan on leaving the park no later than 2:00pm so Dyllan can get a nap in and I can finish sprucing up the house before Brian gets back (late). In the meantime, I picked up a disposable camera, the good quality kind with a flash from grocery shopping. I'll call it a surprise camera since we wont' see what's been taken until we develop it! I thought it would be a good start for Dyllan and I can let him start his own scrapbook, with safety scissors and all.
~~~I did research on the little kids camera that I'm hearing so much about. Digital, unbreakable. I'll ixnay it till some one one with kids comes out with something better. The pictures are fuzzy and the "delete" button is bright red and huge.
My Halloween and Fall stuff is almost up, I'll take pics inside and out. Got my hat swap goodies from Cathy Nash, will be posting those this week end and will be working on goodies for my drawings all month long.
~Don't forget, At the end of the month, I'll be doing drawings "per" post for the month of OCTOBER. So make sure to leave a comment on each one so you have a chance to win!
As for the 100th post give away, I have alittle game for that and will be giving a duplicate crown I'm working on with "Fall" for the theme.


Have a great day!


Rosemary said...

Well Michelle,
You have a full day ahead of you.
Have a wonderful time at Disneyland.

The Rose Room said...

Hello, thanks for coming by and visiting me. I love your crowns, they are GORGEOUS! - Take Care - Rachael-xo


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