Wednesday, October 24, 2007

100 post winner and stuff....

Thank to all the wonderful bloggers out there left such nice comments on my 100th post! Everyone gets a treat! If I did not e-mail you requesting your address, please let me know! My computer is acting up and I had to sign back on a couple times.
The lucky winner for the crown is Zakka Life! Please take a moment to see her little demo! I can't wait to try it out!
~ Our home is safe from the fires but not from the smoke! We are fairly close to Camp Pendelton's fire and it's just awful! The sky is orange. We are staying in the with air conditioner on auto and 2 air purifiers running.
~As you may have read earlier, I went to my Mom's in Borrego Springs for a visit with Dyllan on Sat, and came home on Monday. During the stay, the only time the tv was on was to play Dyllan's Dvd's. And plus the air was fantastic in the desert, blue skys with lots of wind. We had no clue to what was going on in california until Monday. All the normal ways out of Borrego were closed or on fire. I ended up adding 2 hrs onto my already 2 hr drive to take the "back" way out of Salton Sea and Palm Springs route. I will post pic's from this visit soon.
Please enjoy my card creations!

I learned the art of "punch craft" from a friends on tuesday while Dyllan was in pre-school.
I love the frog the best. He required: 4 oval punches, 1 round, some little circles for the eyes and a flower punches for the toes.
The pink flower is obvious that I used 2 sizes in ovals, a mini flower in the center and I cut a circle punch in 1/2 for the leaves.

The lady bugs were oh so simple and the folded flower was fun to make!
I used 5 tags, tiney flower, and butons. I'll add a demo on this one another time.
I don't own these punches, but I do have the cricut which can make multiples of these shapes in various sizes for me!

The monkey was a little tricky you can see the different shapes ans sizes we used. The arm and legs are from a punch my friend uses with gift card holder making.
The bunny is my creation! Dyllan is a magician for halloween. I covered a small pail with black paper and added a foam rim. After making the bunny, I added him to the rim. and on his butt is a cotton ball. After halloween I'll post pics of his full costume.
I hosted a halloween card contest with my scrapbook group and added a few of my own.
These are all mine using scraps, buttons,glitter, and just 1 CTMH stamp set.

I could not stop making them once I got started so I'll post more before I give them away!


Lori said...

Congrats to the lucky crown winner!!! so glad your home is out of harm's way...LOVE the punch art, esp the frog, he is VERY cute:) great halloween banner!!!

dede warren said...

wow, lots of great cards. You were absolutely on a roll!!

kecia said...

glad to hear you guys are ok out there. i talked to my sis in Ventura and she said it was snowing ash there as a fallout from Santa Monica!!! scary, scary. i have a lot of buds out there (you know i am a california girl, right?) that i haven't heard from - i'm assuming they've had to evacuate.
congrats on the 100th post and best wishes to the winner, Zakka Life! nice, fun little contest.

Beth Leintz said...

Take care and stay safe. Love the punch cards- I've never heard of that before- CUTE!!!

jodene said...

The frog and monkey cards are way too cute!

paru's_circle said...

the spooky is awesome!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

I LOVE the lady bugs!!
I make cards also and you can see them in my etsy shop.
Wait, let me rephrase can BUY them in my etsy shop! LOL


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