Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time for a little Vacation!

~Dyllan started Pre-school this week! Really exciting! He loves it! Mon, Wed, Fri. 8:00am-11:30pm. On his first day, (wed), my Mommy friends and I celebrated "me" being the last in our group to enter a child in school by going out for breakfast!
Friday, in the early afternoon, we are going to head out to Laughlin, Nevada with
my good friend Teresa, Rob and Sydney who is close in age to Dyllan. We are staying at the Colorado Belle this year, and on saturday we will be on the river in a rented boat. We do this just about every year. It's fun! We cruise up and down the river, enjoying the beautiful Topok Gorge, swimming in the cool river, lounging at the sand bar.
*It's going to be HOT there. Close to 113 from Friday to Sunday and 95 in the evenings!
Thank goodness for the nice cool river.
~ So I'll see you all after the weekend with a collection of beautiful photo's, and a few sunburns.
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