Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Art for Sale

~ Here's a tease of a shot that I took while driving home from a recent family trip!
For the whole image, please visit my Red Bubble shop here!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooohhh great photo Michelle!!

Bejeweled said...

Wonderful photos you have over at Red Bubble!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

HI! This is Katrina from Socalscrap. To logg into the forum this is the link
Hope to see you around! said...

What is a Night Rider? Loved your pics.

kawaii crafter said...

I was over here earlier but didn't get a chance to leave a comment. The photo you have up was my favorite one over at Red Bubble.

Best wishes to you in your new venture!


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