Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The "Lost" Art of Make Believe

~ Thought I'd share something cute!
Dyllan LOVES to play with boxes of any shape. Using them to transport toys, for make believe trains, space ships, or to even hide in for hide and seek!
Brings back memories of as a child we lived in the desert, where everything was ordered from a Sears catalog and came in enormous boxes that were turned into forts and grocery stores.
Now, we don't even think twice about throwing out a box, it's goes straight to the dude.
Sometimes I cut out holes for train tunnels and if one cherished box is damaged beyond play-use, we have to dismantle it in the garage so he can't see us doing it.
I think "Make Believe" is a Lost Art.
To many parents give in to their children, spoiling them with mountains of toys, teaching them not to appreciate what they have. I see it everyday.
Here at home, we try not to overstimulate Dyllan with things he does not need. Early on in his baby days, we kindly asked people "not" to buy him battery operated or comercialized toys.
Now days what he does recieve from the store is a much coveted toy (usually Star Wars) , used as a award.
Often we hear Dyllan ask me ( the Momma) to "make" him something that he see's.
So I try.
Now, just because I am a Artist, does not mean I can create well out of my comfort zone, so some of my "creations" for Dyllan are not store bought quality, but he loves them just the same.
-I have made a Rocket ship out of Wrapping paper rolls and snow cone cup and craft supplies.
-A very large Green Piggy Bank from a 2 ltr sprite bottle and corks.
-Tunnels out of boxes
-A drum from a oatmeal box
-A Train Conductors watch from scrap paper, ribbon and a watch stamp
-a Treasure organizer ( rinestones he finds on the floor from my crafting) with a compartment pill box
...and I'm sure there is more!

~ Please feel free to share what you have made with things around the house for your children.

I would love to hear some new idea's!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Well, my *child* is an almost 17 year old now, but I can tell you that I am good at recycling those boxes.

I have found that empty cereal and other packaged food boxes are excellent for a lot of items I mail to my Etsy customers!

Buffi said...

This summer at the beach we made a Fairy House out of a tissue box. We drew furniture, rugs, even a silver chandelier on paper, cut it out, and put in the box. We made flowers to decorate and hide the Fairy house in the "woods". My favorite piece was a mirror that we made with aluminum foil for reflection. It turned out great. Of course the fairies left a little dust to know they enjoyed their stay.

MB said...

You are so right Michelle!
These days parents over indulge their children with far too much material possessions...the child could never in a millions years appreciate them all!
We have told many family members to not buy our children any toys at Christmas time, as we do not want our kids to think that X-Mas was just about receiving toys!
Once in a while, we store unused and unwanted toys in a black garbage bag and store them in a remote closet! 3-4 months down the line, we rotate the toys and it's like X-mas all over again! Toys they haven't seen in months become a novelty once again! Saves on money and it teaches our children to appreciate what they have! :o)
As far as boxes go...my girls love them too! They also love laundry baskets and any kitchen utensils! When I am in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, it is not uncommon for me to pull out my pots and pans and allow my girls to play with them on the floor! Don't get me wrong, my girls have toys...they just prefer to play with everything else that is NOT considered a toy! LOL
I can go on and on about where our society has failed their children...but I will keep this for another time! I am only on coffee #1 and truly do not have the patience to bring up issues that I simply cannot control!
I just find it all very sad...
Oh well! Such is life! As long as it is not in my home! :o)

Cindy Brooking Fiskateer #2059 said...

my son got a truck in a box with an open side. He proceeded to stick his head in the open side and to open and close the end flap.
he went around saying "i am mailbox" (from blues' clues). We all had a good laugh about that.

Pam Hoffman said...

When my daughter was little, we really had to make things and 'make believe' in many, many ways.

One year, we were given a live Christmas tree but had no ornaments to put on it!

We plucked things from all over the house to put on the tree. We had a space shuttle model, a chenille pumpkin and just oodles of weird things which would sit on or 'fit' on the tree.

It was probably the best tree I ever decorated when it was finished!

Katheryn is 25 now yet we can have a good time just hanging out together.

Our biggest creating-time of the year seemed to be Halloween!

Every year, she knew EXACTLY what she would be next year "And then I'll be a cat and then I'll be a star and then I'll..." for about 10 years out!

She was planning long term.

Something she was usually sad about, we could never get those 'store-bought' costumes!

We always had to MAKE her costume!

It was the only time of the year that we got along famously too. We had a very good community center we could walk to about a mile from home where we could do all sorts of art things all year long (it was a great deal for city residents: $5 for 15 classes!).

We made her into an erupting volcano with a long black 'dress-up' dress and a headress of construction paper for the flames coming out of the top one year!

Another year she was a cat (easier and i forget what all it involved, mostly clothing and makeup).

One of the most elaborate costumes of all: Ariel of "The Little Mermaid" almost entirely out of construction paper! That was a rough year because it was frackin' cold on October 31st in Northern Ohio and Ariel had a 'shell' bikini top!

One year, we did mother daughter costumes of Jane & Judy Jetson with paper mache headpieces because of the wacky hairdos they had (i got to be Judy the teenager! ;).

Katheryn won prizes for THAT costume!

Every year, she got many, many compliments - BECAUSE her costume was so unique!

We are VERY good at doing much with very little and 'make believe' with everything. We had a lot of practice.

So when Katheryn has children of her own (she has it all planned out!) I can't wait to see what we can do with them.

Thanks for listening,

Pam Hoffman


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