Monday, May 4, 2009

In Loving Memory of....

Ok, this is so morbid! To the Max!
I've seen them here before, but sorta forgot until today when I had Dyllan with me.
He rushed over and said, "Ooh Momma! Pretty flowers! Take my picture!"
Instead of creating a scene by saying no, I took a few shots thinking that this might very well be "Blog" worthy.

tell me, are you just as creeped out as I am? My skin is crawling! Thank god the Scrapbook section is on the opposite side of this display.

The ones below are meant to stick in the ground.

~ In case you are wondering where this's at Michaels craft store.
Right up front as you walk through the door.

Now on to a happy note...congratulation to the the previous post winner for some flowers!
Susan of Red Bess Bonney!
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