Monday, May 18, 2009

Lollipop Flowers & Flea Market Finds!

I got the idea to make this lollipop flower from Helen Croft. I made this for my Mom, complete with a pin backing. I used stickles instead of 3-d paint as in the tutorial. I think it's just so pretty and can't wait to make more! Helen Croft, who's blog you'll fall in love with, I'm sure! Has a more amazing paper flowers tutorials to share!

Sunday I went to the Long beach Antique Flea Market and found exactly what I needed plus a few more goodies! I got there fairly early and was lucky enough to enjoy some cool weather before the sun began to 'bake' us all. lol!

I'm a stickler or shiny and vintage. These tartlette's were in a box marked 5 for $1. I bought $6 worth. I can see them being used for desserts, soap making, jewelry and some pin cushions?

It's impossible to do the whole flea market in the few hours I was there. After two long and interesting rows, I cut across to browse the row nearest to the rest room and found 2 booths away ~ a fabulous find! The above scrabble pieces were 20 for $1.
And the beautiful shades of blue poker chips were 40 for $1!

Part of my hunt at the flea market was to some particular shades of beads in pinks and greens for a bracelet I'm working on. The ones in the very center are hard to see, but they are green glass with pink swirls in them, from Africa.
I was in the Circus mood when I went to a all time favorite dealer!

That's all for now, Thanks for visiting!
Congratulations to Mary for winning some flowers!
and to Jacquie Hart for winning the Craft Book!
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