Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photo's from our Vacation

Here are photo's from our stay in Glencoe,( Calaveras County) northern CA. We stayed at a friends log cabin. On a average, it was over 100 degrees, with no cooling ocean breezes that we were used to. It was fun though, and quiet.
Feel free to click on any pic for a close up and enjoy!

Blackberry and wild flowers

Dyllan blowing a giant wish Faerie and view of the cabin

Back porch of the cabin, (perfect for watching nature)

Front porch and extra sticky flowers, like glue!

Brian and Dyllan and little yellow flowers I only saw early in the morning. They were always gone once the heat of the day settled in.

Photo's by Brian,
Early evening doe, (Dyllan and I saw the very new "bambi" earlier in the day!)
Birds at the feeder.

More by Brian, look at the colors of the hummingbirds!

Twilight. My favorite time of the night. These little guys, (4 to be exact) roosted in the roof of the porch and I loved watched them fly around at dusk!

That's all for sure to come back again to see photo's of our trip!
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