Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CHA Giveaway 6 - Suze Weinburg!

One of the delights of going to CHA is seeing Suze Weinburg in action!
And drooling over her larger than life craft sheet!
( yes I want it! cause my little one is just too little! ) lol!
As usual she was there with her melting pot, utee and all these products!

I just love this piece that Suze made!
She showed us some new techniques that I just can't wait to try out!
So many great things to do with bees wax...
and of course her tribute to Adam Lambert!

I was looking at last years adventure of CHA - you can see it here...
and I noticed that Suze looks practically the same,
and so do all the other artists that are well known.
Here is the previous year before that...
So I was comtemplating my goals as to where I want to be by the end of the year ,
wondering if in order to make a "name" for myself,
do I have to look the same all the time?
because being the artist that I am,
sometimes I like to change the way my hair looks.
Right now I'm blondish,
but I'm thinking of getting a wave,
and maybe by christmas go dark like a brunette or cranberry...
Will people still know it's me?

sorry for the ramble...it's what I do (mostly in my head)
sometimes out loud to the annoyance of my husband- lol!

So on to this CHA Celebration...I'm adding to the RAK
a 1/2 oz bottle of glossy accents ,
1 sheet of St.Patricks Day clip Art and 1 sheet of Easter clip Art!
Both royalty free.

I only have 3 more CHA Celebration post to go!
Tattered Angels/ Nathalie Kalbach
and a exciting tuitorial using Jacquard products!

Please visit each of the previous CHA postings...1-5
to increase your chances of winning the huge bag of goodies!

And if you are up to it...the One World One Heart
Magic carpet rides is still in full swing until February 15th
And I'm having a giftaway there too!
See it here...and good luck!

*No Connection, Unpaid, My Own Opinions

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