Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CHA Giveaway 7 - Fiskars!

I had the utmost honor of demonstrating at CHA opening day at the Fiskars booth because I'm a Certified Demonstrator for Fiskars products and a proud Fisk*a*Teer!
A Fiska-what? You ask?
A Fiskateer is a Ambassador for crafting...
like Mouskateers are for Disneyland?...

I worked 4 super fun hours, showing people how make a pin like the one above using these fabulous new corner punches!
What I loved about them was the unique corner shapes
and that the white plastic part for the corner alignment comes out
so you can use it as a regular punch!
How stinkin' cool is that?

Here are some of the buttons I snagged for my apron...

Yep, that's my craft apron...I wear it every time I craft.
I get lots of compliments!
And for once, people were taking photo's of me!
It was a hoot!
If you want one for yourself...e-mail me or wait till
the end of February when I add some to my shop!
I ran into Laura Bray, another fellow fiskateer and close friend while at CHA,
look at the cute headband she made for the event!
Here are some Fiskateers working the later shift,
my super good friend Kimber is on the right!
She's in my Scrapbook group and we've been friends since our kids were crawling!
Betsey Terry and Genevieve Rodriguez
Both are sweet girls. I met betsey for the first time
and Genevieve I know also from my scrapbook group!

Here I am with Stephenie Purl Hamen, who is such a sweet gal!
Check out her blog for some more CHA eye candy!
This is Michelle and Merlene, two more amazing Fiskateer friends
that I always enjoy seeing at craft events!
After our first day of CHA Kimber, Betsey and I had dinner at Bubba Gump...yummy!
* * *

I have a bright Orange nylon Fiskars bag to add to the giveaway I'm doing
plus I'll fill it with lots of Fiskars paper crafting goodies!

I hope you having fun! I have two more postings to go about CHA, don't forget to visit previous posting to increase your chances of winning the "Big" prize....

and be sure to visit One World, One Heart for another party!
See you soon!
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