Monday, February 15, 2010

Keeping me focused & happy... knowing everything will be OK

I love this photo cause Dyllan reminds me so much of "me" and my love for reading plus being able to "make" a comfy spot just about anywhere!
I like to look at this to keep reminding me that his melt downs won't last forever.
That he's not really angry at us, he's just limited on how he can use his words as he's only 5 1/2. And that boys will be boys and I can not keep him from hurting himself forever...although I'll try.

Last Friday was a school holiday and we decided to spend some Mommy and Dyllan time on Los Rios St. in San Juan Capistrano (where I grew up).
We walked around, taking photo's, some of each other,some of houses and trees.
He collected sticks and twigs, I collected wistful imaginings.
We ended up at new playground in the historic area and I let him romp around.
At one point he was doing these "boy" tricks of his, 1/2 cartwheels, turn around, rolls around...what ever caught his fancy when suddenly he hit his head on the under part of a wooden bench.
Let me tell you that there was ALOT of blood, dripping down his head onto his ear, his shirts, matting his hair.
I don't "do" blood.
Especially when it's on my child.
It just tore me up.
I cleaned him up the best I could, called my husband (more than once) who convinced me that it would be quicker to drive him to the walk in clinic by our home instead calling 911 which if they were to come (lights flashing, siren going) would send Dyllan over the edge
who was almost hysterical cause he had blood all over his hands
and he's afraid of doctors~(from a not so great food allergy test where they had to draw blood and he accidentally saw the needle taking blood out of him...
so yes, when he has a doctors appointment.
I don't tell him till we get there...and then I deal with it)

... long story short, I drive him to the clinic, engaging him in conversation the whole way,
trying to keep myself focused, get there, get him in,
they clean him up and here's where the fun begins.
I warn them that the last time we were in for the flu shot,
it took 2 nurses to hold him down while another gave the shot.
When he gets scared...he gets STRONG. And he's only 5!

So they bring in "the blanket" and begin to swaddle him like a baby
holding him steady so the doctor who was younger than the two female nurses
adds 4 staples to Dyllan's head.
I held Dyllan's legs down for two reasons.
One, because I knew they could be lethal
& two because I did not want to see the staples being put in as I would probably pass out.
I'm "that" sensitive to what happens to my baby. I guess it's a Mommy thing...or just me.

We finally get home (after renting a few movies)
(and dropping off a get well card to a friend of Dyllan's that's home from his own surgery)
We survived two nights of me waking him up every two hours to make sure he could walk and talk.
He wears a soft knitted hat when we go out in public
and I worry at every stumble or even planned fall.

The staples come out Thursday.
Yea! I'll finally be able to wash the neosporin out of his hair!
And I'll worry less and may even let him "be" so I can get back in the studio
with out watching him like a hawk.

He thinks that as soon as they come out, he can get back to doing his "tricks".
Yea, right.

So that's it. In a nut shell.
I just had to let you know why I'm not on "top" of things...posting about my Birthday (on the 13th)and all the fun things I did and received.
I will. Sometime on Tuesday.
Thanks for stopping by...and I hope I did not gross you out!
At least I did not post photo's...and Yes, I did take a picture...for the Scrapbook!
I'm going to wait a while before making a lay out of it as I'm still "un-nerved" by the visual memory. But I'll ask for the staples and add them to the page.
Because that's what we "Artsy" Mom's do...right?
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