Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today is my birthday and I'm On Mod Podge Rocks!

February 13, 1973. And yes, that's me! This photo cracks me up... :)
Look at the pillow stuffing me in, my too big jammies and the simple beads to entertain me! Plus the wheels...I don't think I ever tipped but I do remember bumping into walls a lot!

Today we are going to Hollywood! I have not been since I was a kid, and I live in Orange County, which is not far! So today, we are visiting the Ripley's Odditorium, then to walk around town and take photo's of the people and things we see.
I'm looking forward to seeing Hollywood through the eyes of Dyllan....

And Today I'm featured on Modge Podge Rocks!!!
So cool...what a nice Birthday treat!

Here's hoping for Star filled "Magical" day!

btw...congrat's to Flor Larios for winning the Atc's...visit her! She has a beautiful blog!
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