Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to my "Magical" Tea Party!

Thank You for coming, and thank you to Faerie Vanessa
for hosting such a magical Tea party,
mad or not...we shall have fun!
Look! the guest are flying in!

Faerie Queen is dressed in her finest spring outfit, waiting to welcome you!
(faeries enjoy fluttering on a summer breeze)
So put on your Faerie slippers and moonstone necklace and join the fun!

The faeries have been very busy straightening up their little home.
Such a delightful place it is!

Look at all those wonderful knooks and crannies...

Faerie Jasper is polishing some new buds, making them sparkling bright!
perfect timing as the guest are arriving as we speak!
(Hold hands, let us sing and play...)

Faerie Silk had been busy in her wee little sewing room creating wonderful Tea Party garments!
(her magic mirror reflects back only smiles)

Faerie Mary has been busy as a little faerie bee... whipping up some scrumptious Faerie Cakes!

Don't these look tantalizing? She baked them fresh just for you!
(find this recipe here)
(stir, stir, bake, bake, help me create a faerie cake!)

(and cupcake decoration tutorial here!)

The party chairs have all been set out....

Come, come! Says the Queen...take a ride on the Faerie Carousel...

Jump aboard your favorite winged friend....

...and let the wind spin you around....

...and around.... :)
(up, up, round and round, dancing feet don't touch the ground...)

"Magical" Tea Parties call for plenty of song and dance with friends of all sizes.
(play the harp, bang the drum, faerie music makes you hum...)
I hope you are enjoying this wonderful day!
Look! Faerie King Teddy Bear has joined our party!
Let's have some tea and more Faerie cakes!
(berries juicy, cookies sweet, faeries sing before they eat!)

Thank you so much for coming my way, did you enjoy your day?
In honor of Mad Tea Part 2010,
I am giving away all 3 of these lovely Butterfly pins to one lucky Faerie!
I will pick a winner late June 30th, so be sure to leave me your e-mail in case you win!

June 30th is also the last day to receive free shipping in my shop! On any item to any location.

Thank you for coming to my "Magical" Tea Party!

ooops! almost forgot!-
I just started writing about Scrapbooking for an new site called Memory Keeping Collection!
In honor of this new and exciting adventure I'm having another giveaway! Please visit me here, and check out all my current postings. If you leave a comment, I'll add your name to a drawing to win a pizza box filled with enough materials to complete a scrapbook album (minus the album)- perfect for beginners...paper, card stock, embellishment, adhesive...and more! The more comments you leave the more chances you have to win! I will pick a winner on July 19th.
Thanks! and Good Luck!

****Faerie images and (quotes) are from "Fairy Tree House" ****
(In sunshine, wind, or summer rain, make sure you visit us again!)
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