Sunday, June 13, 2010

How do you Recycle?

3 months ago i was browsing the web looking for local recycling centers to take our soda cans to when I found a site called Bottles and Cans. I started bumping around their site finding all sorts of great information including a free recycling kit! But when I signed up to receive it, I thought I would be getting a information packet, not this...
Not that I don't like it! We love it!
It's fun to fill and convenient for when I have crop parties. It's also light weight and very durable. It was a nice surprise since I had ordered it so long ago!
Some of my favorite things on their site are:
  • How to find a recycling center in your area
  • A CRV refund calculator. You can get a estimate before you go!
  • FREE stuff! Posters and the recycling kit above. perfect for your office, school or busy home like mine!

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