Monday, June 20, 2011

It was crazy hair day last Friday

Last Friday at Dyllan's school was crazy hair day. We went to the party store and bought some green hair spray. Then the morning of, used some of Daddy's hair gel to get it all spiky and standing up. I let the hair gel set while he ate his breakfast.
I had Dyllan stand in the shower with a towel on his shoulders to protect his shirt (not that it would have mattered- same color!)
I really love how his darling cowlick in front is accented by the gel. :)
Did you notice the missing tooth? We never even noticed that it was loose! He thinks he swallowed it in his sleep. I had him write an adorable letter to tooth fairy, explaining about the lost tooth. and when she gave him $1, he wrote a thank you letter. :) - melts my heart!
(He knows I have good connections with the tooth fairy, pick up fairy, Easter bunny and Santa Clause. :)
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